Uld only produce one ten year survivor of osteosarcoma, and she lived 400 miles away. They tout a 65% success rate for this disease, but it isn’t true. viagra canada internet 5. ) doctors say that they don’t know what causes it, but there are convincing smoking guns. The fluoride added to our water causes osteosarcoma in rats. cialis tablets Communities with fluoridated water have higher incidences of osteosarcoma than communities that don’t, especially in boys. As children, many of us received tainted polio vaccine (actually 98 million of us ) it was contaminated with a monkey virus called sv40. cialis online Our government hid this information from us. Doctors are finding this virus in rare tumors like osteosarcoma, mesothelioma and certain brain tumors. viagra for daily use coupon These children have inherited this virus from us, as they have not received tainted polio vaccine. One of the first acts of president george w bush, was to protect the pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits related to vaccine damage. The executives know what is coming with the revelations of this crime against humanity and they wanted financial protection. By the way, sv40 is used in cancer research because it is “the perfect little war machine”. order cialis online It causes cancer faster than any other agent at their disposal. I know these facts are disturbing. It is appalling that we, as americans, have been deceived by our government for so long, but it is time for it to stop. genericcialisonlinebigdiscounts.com Our children are depending upon us to protect them until they can protect themselves. As parents and citizens, it is our duty to take action. The truly disheartening fact is that this information is so old. The government has been undermining its citizens for at least fifty years, maybe longer. Big business had hi-jacked our government before i was even born. I take part of the responsibility, because as a us citizen i should have taken the time to see what my government was up to. cialis pills I didn’t, and i have paid a heavy price for that neglect. My goal for the time i have remaining on this earth, is to challenge these corporations and the government they control, and restore the rights they have stolen from us. Nixon declared a “war on cancer” during his administration. viagra lilly icos tadalafil This concept gave the misleading impression that our government was serious about solving the cancer problem. Thinking people have suspected for many years that a cure for cancer has been suppressed. The truth is there have been numerous cures for osteosarcoma through the years. cheap cialis Anyone who has accomplished one of these miracles, has been harassed, murdered, ruined or kept quiet about it. The medical cartel will not give up the riches they have gotten from the exploitation of the sickest and weakest in our society. They are the true cancer in our society, and it is time for radical surgery to eliminate them. We actually had my daughter’s condition under control for four and a half years before she became ill again. My daughter’s tumor was very small at the time of diagnosis. gen_12.1.gif